Hardika and Raj Brooklyn Engagement Shoot

Timing, Location and Trust.

Engagement shoots are always a fun way of getting to know a couple and capture awesome emotion in a place where the couple has an emotional connection. When Raj reached out to me for a pre-wedding shoot, he already knew the location- Dumbo Brooklyn. The challenge on my end was figuring out ways where we can express the couple’s connection without tons of people, and New York is certainly not the place to go if you want isolation. We decided to head to the Brooklyn Bridge just as the sun rises in order to hopefully have a less crowded scene, and we totally lucked out. Upon arrival, the bridge only had a few commuters and fitness enthusiasts making their way into Manhattan. We started our shoot at the bridge and after the sun was high in the sky, we decided to take a walk into Dumbo.

On our way to Main Street Park in Dumbo we stopped to photograph Hardika and Raj in front of a few colorful murals and unique locations to add a bit of texture to their set. My partner Aderon was managing the off camera lighting so that our couple would pop a bit more in the frame and we can get a little more drama in the sky. We ended our session with a few candids of the couples enjoying the views of the city while walking hand in hand on the cobblestone streets. 

I appreciate their trust in my vision, and their willingness to come out of their shells while onlookers watched and snapped away on their phone. It is not something that we are programmed to do naturally, it does take good cooperation and understanding that what we are creating will be something that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Hardika and Raj for being outgoing, fun and open to make it happen!

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