Family Photos

Family Photos are done outdoors, or on site, very rarely will we do a family shot in studio (aka “The Basement”). We do charge an initial sitting fee, but will provide a DVD with all the photos in high resolution format. You do not need to print the photos through us if you rather not.

We can shoot multiple people per session, so if you have two kids and want solo portraits of each, you do not have to purchase 2 separate packages.

1 Hour Session: $250


2 Hour Session: $400


Glamour & Fashion

Our Glamour & Fashion shoots are handled much differently than our family photos. Packages may include Hair and Make-up, wardrobe as well as accessories. You can opt to do your own, or to bring your own team.

Depending on the complexity of the shoot, pricing will range. We do offer very limited free test sessions for select clients.

Want to shoot? Contact us.

All Prices Exclude TAX. We do not charge tax, we just collect it.

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