Frequently Asked Questions

When you hire me to capture your wedding, I will be the lead photographer. My name will be on the contract as the lead. I only service a small number of weddings per year in order to provide a personalized one-on-one service and an amazing experience to our couples. 

If I am not available, or if you prefer – I am very proud to be able to offer services from our associate team members.

Our preference is to always have at minimum 2 photographers and 2 cinematographers at every wedding. Depending on the size of your event, your event timeline, and your vision we can offer 2 or more photographers and cinematographers.

Pre-wedding events generally have 1 photographer and 1 cinematographer unless the event is on a larger scale, or if more detailed coverage is preferred. We don’t have packages, every couple receives a custom quote specific to their needs.

Absolutely. Over the past 15+ years we have had the pleasure of traveling far and wide for our couples.

That is a tough one. I really don’t like to fall into any specific category. I capture moments with my eyes and my heart. I love photographs that clearly tell the story of your wedding without being overly directed. Natural emotions are best captured organically.

When it comes to portraits, I enjoy being more creative with my vision and bringing in details from the environment while portraying the couple’s connection and personal style.

In other words, check out my work here on my website, on Instagram, and come into the studio to see if my work lines up with your own vision and style.

All delivered photos will be edited for exposure and color. Delivered images are in high resolution format without any logos or watermarks.

The only way to book our services is with a signed contract and a retainer. We can only block dates contractually, not verbally or via email/text/dm etc.

We do not offer pre-set packages. Every couple is unique and will have their own vision and requirements. We always prefer to provide a custom quote specific to your needs.

On average, most couples will ask us for 12 hours of coverage for their wedding/reception day. Photography starts at $4,950 and Cinematography starts at $4,450.

Additional services like engagement shoots, pre-wedding events (garba, sangeet etc), wedding albums, photo booth and beautiful wall art are also available.

Wedding photographs are delivered in 3 months in a private password protected gallery which will remain online for 1 year.

Highlight Films are delivered digitally in 3 months and will remain online for 1 year.

Short Films and Documentary Edits are delivered digitally in a private folder within 6 months and will remain online for 1 year.

You must download your photos and videos within 1 year from delivery. We do not retain copies after 1 year.

We sure do! Please visit our showroom to see all of the customization options available to personalize an album to match your style.

We do not offer generic albums, everything is custom made and a quote can be provided once you select your materials, size, and paper type.

We cannot provide a quote on a custom album until you have made your selection, therefore albums are generally offered after the photos are delivered.

Yes, we offer drone services for our wedding films when we have 2 or more cinematographers on site.

Licensed Music refers to music that we can legally use in your wedding films. We cannot use any music track you want without paying royalties to the song’s royalty holder.

We constantly meet with  couples who link us to their friend’s wedding with music being used illegally. We are a professional studio and only use music from our licensing partner – Sound Stripe.

If you require specific music from an artist and wish to use their work for your wedding film without paying royalties, you will need to find another team to produce it. We only use legally licensed music from Sound Stripe.


We offer 3 main edits.

Highlight Film

The highlight film is a short, artistic film that will showcase the most impactful portions of your wedding. This polished film may not be in chronological order, and is created in a way to quickly relive the day. While not every single moment of your wedding can be summed up in 3-5 minutes, we do our best to tell your story in a brief film that you can easily share with family and friends. Music for these films must be licensed legally through our music partner – Sound Stripe.

Short Film

Our short films are about 20-30 minutes and feel more like a elongated highlight film. Again, the film may not be in chronological order, but it will contain the most important moments of the day in a visually pleasing manner. Short films are perfect for couples that want a more dynamic video, and are happy with a shorter duration overall.

Documentary Edit

Documentary Edit’s are our longest video offering. They range from 60-90 minutes and are always linear. They will be in chronological order and will offer the most footage. Documentary edit’s will include camera shakes, and quick movements that are required in order to capture an unrehearsed event. There are few transitions, if any, as a documentary film is not a polished feature film, but a documentary of your event. This is ideal for couples who want the most footage of their event in a view-able format.


We also offer 2 types of raw footage

Full Raw

Full Raw includes all footage from every video camera used during your event, as well as separate audio files from our recorders. If you are not an advanced video editor, this is not for you. You cannot simply watch the footage. There will be hundreds or thousands of small video files plus hours of audio which will need to be put into a timeline, synced with audio and then exported for you to actually watch it. File duration will vary from just a few seconds to a few minutes. This is ideal for couples that just want us to make a highlight film, and will have a professional editor make their final film using our raw footage. This option is common for couples who have a wedding with us, and another celebration overseas with another video team.


Semi Raw

Semi Raw is perfect for couples who want to see more of their ceremony and reception, but don’t want their film to be too long and boring to watch. Semi Raw is raw footage from a single camera set up in the center of the action. This camera will not move, and footage will include people walking in front of it, as well as our team moving about. Audio will be synced by our editors to ensure clean, crisp sound.

Semi Raw is not a polished film. It is raw footage from a single camera that is synced with audio.

We can create a beautiful Short Film or Documentary Edit with the creative freedom to trim speeches, dances, and portions of the day to showcase a more enjoyable film. You can relax knowing you will have Semi Raw footage of the entire ceremony and reception up to open dance floor separately. Semi Raw does not include any prep, baraat, vidai, or behind the scenes. It includes the wedding ceremony and reception formalities such as first dance, speeches, dance performances up to when the dance floor opens.