Savitha and Manu Married! Indian Wedding Photographer New York

So I haven’t been blogging much as of late, this year it seems as most of my images are on our Facebook Page usually right after the wedding and I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. Well, that’s going to change!

I super love when couples reach out to me in advance. Since I only photograph about 20 weddings a year and am at each and every event personally, the most popular dates tend to book crazy fast. You simply cannot be at two places at once! Manu and Savitha contacted me about 13 months prior to their big day. In that year or so, we managed to spend a lot of time on the phone, email and in person getting to know one another and becoming really prepared their for their big day. A year later when it was game time, we already were very comfortable with one another, and we had an amazing set of images! I really do feel that the photographer and client need to have a strong connection if you want the best results.

Savitha and Manu’s engagement shoot was in Hoboken, New Jersey, the summer prior to the wedding. I got to see how they react in front of a camera, and they did pretty well! We looked over the engagement photos and picked out what we liked, and disliked about them. This helped me better underestand their specific style and prepared me for their big day. Indian wedding photography is not easy. You don’t always have tons of time to do things right, so the more you know your couple, the better the chances of getting the shots they love most. Their wedding and reception was at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY, and after their first look we managed to sneak away to get a few quick photos over at the Lyndhurst Castle. Back at the venue their ceremony was all ready to go, and once they were officially married the real party started! Both had huge bridal party with fun bridesmaids and crazy groomsmen keeping the night interesting to say the least! Believe me, you had to be there. Everyone danced until their feet hurt, and the little kids fell asleep as their parents tore up the dance floor! Great crowd!

It was also really nice to run into Joyce and Robin who’s wedding I had the honor of photographing many moons ago (2010) at this wedding. As strange as it may sound, I am very good friends with many of my previous brides and grooms. So many now have little munchkins, I’m sure in a few weeks I will be getting a bunch of holiday cards featuring photos of the growing families! Yep, those prints will be all over my studio next month!

Ok, so now I am just babbling. On with the photos…..

Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 001 (Sheet 1)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 002 (Sheet 2)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 003 (Sheet 3)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 004 (Sheet 4)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 005 (Sheet 5)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 006 (Sheet 6)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 008 (Sheet 8)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 010 (Sheet 10)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 011 (Sheet 11)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 012 (Sheet 12)Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 014 (Sheet 14)Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 013 (Sheet 13)

Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 015 (Sheet 15)





Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 016 (Sheet 16)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 017 (Sheet 17)
Savitha_Manu_Indian_Wedding_New_Jersey 018 (Sheet 18)

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  1. Daniel February 11, 2015 at 10:36 am #

    Amazing Portraits and great artistic work !