Hima and Mark: Indian Wedding Photography at the Natirar in New Jersey

Once in a while we are fortunate enough to be able to travel far and wide to photograph destination weddings. They are tons of fun, and full of great views that we are just not used to in New Jersey. Well, that’s not always the case. Recently we photographed a really beautiful Indian wedding at the Natirar Mansion in New Jersey. This estate is absolutely gorgeous! With amazing scenic views outside and a extremely well detailed and exquisitely furnished inside, it was hard not getting great photos.

I had the opportunity to hang out with Hima and Mark at the 90 Acres estate prior to their Indian wedding. We walked around, shoot off a few photos and got a good feel for the venue. After getting a good feel for the couple, and the venue they chose to celebrate their big day I was excited and couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding. We were a perfect match! Fun loving, hard working, a bit goofy and always ready to have a good time! Congrats Hima and Mark!