Ruchi and Tim – Married at the Hyatt New Brunswick in New Jersey

A simple referral. It’s usually the best way to meet with a good vendor. Many couples have the time to travel and meet with a bunch of different photography studios at their offices in NJ or NY,  for those like Tim and Ruchi – who live outside of the NJ area – it’s not that simple. Ruchi goes back with one of my previous clients and got a strong referral from her as well as my buddy Mihir at Abhishek Decor.

For my local couples, it so easy – we can just get together and hang out. We can get to know one another and get our relationship started. It is super important for me to really get to know my couples, and understand what they are looking for way prior to their wedding. Ask any of our previous wedding clients and they will tell you about all the time we spent prior to their big day. It may be a bit much for some, but it helps out big time when it comes to capturing the real you on your special day.

Tim and Ruchi got married at the Hyatt in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I have photographed weddings there in the past and it is a really nice location once you figure out all the secret nooks at the venue. We wanted to keep the images simple, clean and show a strong connection between the couple. They are both a little on the goofy side, fun loving, and pretty much up for anything. Got to love that!

My most memorable moments at Ruchi & Tim’s wedding events:

  1. Pull up contest at the park! Oh yea, that makes sense…let’s get dressed up and do pull ups…(won’t share that pic online!)
  2. Speed Hump! Wait what? New Jersey has the most interesting signs on the road.
  3. Rock Table? Tim and Ruchi had a unique idea, rather than having a guest book they decided on having folks write a message on a smooth pebble. Tim is handy (or thinks that he is) and plans on making a table out of the said pebbles…good luck with that bro!
  4. Getting a super big hug from a previous client’s mom at the reception, and receiving kind words from her about her daughter’s wedding photos.

Here are some of the photos from Tim and Ruchi’s wedding

For more photos from this event , please visit our Facebook Page and check out Tim and Ruchi’s extended photo gallery!