Lashkara Couture – South Asian Bridal Fashion Shoot at Pandya Photography Studio in New Jersey

Years and years before all of the Indian wedding and engagement photography I am doing now was a time where I was much younger, still had a pretty decent head of hair and was fully immersed in the world of fashion. I was very fortunate to work with and learn from so many amazing and talented individuals – many of which still inspire and encourage me. […]


Jayasree and Akash | Engagement Shoot in Hoboken, NJ

Couples are always asking me what is my favorite place for engagement photos. NYC is nice, there is nothing in the world like Times Square. Central Park is also amazing, no doubt about it. But for me, it has to be Hoboken. There are so many different areas to explore all in a walking distance, parking is not a disaster and it is not overly […]


Hima and Mark: Indian Wedding Photography at the Natirar in New Jersey

Once in a while we are fortunate enough to be able to travel far and wide to photograph destination weddings. They are tons of fun, and full of great views that we are just not used to in New Jersey. Well, that’s not always the case. Recently we photographed a really beautiful Indian wedding at the Natirar Mansion in New Jersey. This estate is absolutely […]


Tanvi and Sonesh – Engagement shoot at the Omni Hotel in Cancun Mexico

As much I love photographing Indian weddings in New Jersey and New York, I super love when we get to travel far far away for destination weddings! Tanvi and Sonesh celebrated their love at the Omni Resort in the beautiful Cancun Mexico. We packed our camera gear, grabbed some swimming shorts and were on our way! Destination weddings are so much fun, and really intimate […]


Ruchi and Tim – Married at the Hyatt New Brunswick in New Jersey

A simple referral. It’s usually the best way to meet with a good vendor. Many couples have the time to travel and meet with a bunch of different photography studios at their offices in NJ or NY,  for those like Tim and Ruchi – who live outside of the NJ area – it’s not that simple. Ruchi goes back with one of my previous clients […]

Nisha and Vidit – Married at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

When I first met Vidit, all he could talk about was cricket. He reached out to me for his big wedding, and all we chatted about was sports. This guy seriously loves his sports…but then we finally got around to discussing his big day, and his wife-to-be, Nisha. You can hear the tone of his voice changing, and how serious the conversation got in just […]

Shivani and Naveen – One Atlantic – Indian Wedding in Atlantic City New Jersey

A beautiful couple, a water front venue and a few hundred fun loving friends and family really made this wedding a blast. A few weeks ago we photographed Shivani and Naveen wedding at the beautiful One Atlantic in Atlantic City, NJ. I love it when couples say “Do whatever you want, you have full creative control!”. It really allows us to get some unique, more […]